Carole Payne Obituary, Carole Payne Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Carole Payne Obituary, Death – On May 17, 2023, in the 77th year of her life, Carole Joyce Payne passed away at her home in Maiden, North Carolina. Carole Granchi was the oldest of five children and the first born of John Anthony Granchi and Virginia Elaine Turney Granchi, both of whom passed away before Carole’s birth on April 2, 1946 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was a well-known authority on English literature and language, had a passion for music and the arts, and put her Bachelor of Arts degree in English education from Lenoir-Rhyne University to good use by working as a textiles designer, interior decorator, and tenacious entrepreneur. She appreciated music and the arts.

Carole was a skilled horsewoman, an animal lover, and the matriarch of a proud family. She was not the type of person to waste time. She was the kind of person who never met a stranger, and the people around her caught her infectious excitement for life. When there was an opportunity for a get-together, you could count on Carole to be in the thick of things, making sure that every detail was taken care of and directing the proceedings. Her relatives gave her the nick name “The Little General,” and she was frequently referred to by that moniker.

Carole was also actively involved in the activities of the local church from the time she was a very small child. She would look back on those formative years with her sister, when they would read hymnals and attend church services together with fondness. Prior to her retirement in Maiden, North Carolina, Carole engaged in a variety of Christian ministries, many of which were unknown to the general public during her life. She helped troubled adults and teenagers. The fact that she was a member of Friendship United Methodist Church in Newton provided her with spiritual support and reassurance, and she treasured the opportunity to spend Sundays with her dearest friends.

Carole’s surviving family members are her sisters Brenda and Donna, as well as her brother Jack; her son Joseph, his wife Erika, along with their sons Dakota and Caleb; her son Jason, his wife Jean, along with their children Reid, Madison, Kellie, Aidan, and Garrett; her son Kelley, his wife Diane, along with their children Ashley, Danielle, Alexis, and McKenzie; and Carole’s great-grandchildren Adrienne, Addison, and Alivia.

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