Cardiff Car Accident

Cardiff Car Accident, Riots After Road Crash kills Teenage Boys

Cardiff Car Accident – Several teenage boys were killed in a car accident and subsequent riots in Cardiff.In the Ely neighborhood of the Welsh capital, riots broke out, and the protesters apparently accused the police of having some sort of participation in the incident. According to a statement released by South Wales Police, numerous policemen were hurt and vehicles were set on fire during the incident.

The police were quick to point out that the collision took place before their arrival at the scene. After that, officers remained at the scene in order to “manage a large-scale disorder until the early hours of this morning.” “We have obtained CCTV evidence that shows a police vehicle pursuing a bike only a few minutes before 6 o’clock in the evening. As part of the inquiry, this footage is currently being collected; it will be of assistance to us in putting together the sequence of events that led up to the incident.

“The families are being informed of any new developments,” the police said in a statement to the press. Later on Tuesday, police stated that they had obtained CCTV evidence that showed a police vehicle tailing a bike before to the crash. The clip was captured before the incident occurred. In the wake of a road collision on Monday that resulted in the deaths of two teenage boys and provoked violent protests in Cardiff, the South Wales Police have referred themselves to a police watchdog in order to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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