Calvin Craig Obituary, Calvin Craig Has Died - Death Cause

Calvin Craig Obituary, Calvin Craig Has Died – Death Cause

Calvin Craig Obituary, Death – At the beginning of the month of May, the body of a guy who had been shot was discovered in the Parramore district of Orlando, Florida, and the authorities in that city are presently looking for the person who is responsible for the crime. The victim was a male who had suffered a head wound as a result of a gunshot. Calvin Craig, whose corpse was discovered on May 3 with a gunshot wound to the head at a property on McFall Avenue on McFall Avenue, has been identified as the victim of this homicide. His body was found at a property on McFall Avenue on McFall Avenue.

The victim of this homicide was Calvin Craig, and the authorities were able to positively identify him as the deceased individual. His body was found on a property that was located on McFall Avenue, and that property was where his body was found. On McFall Avenue, the lifeless corpse of Calvin Craig was discovered inside of a property on McFall Avenue. On McFall Avenue was where the dwelling could be found. Due to the fact that his head contained a bullet wound when his body was discovered, it was immediately apparent that he had been murdered. To put it another way, it was quite clear that he had been shot.

He was identified as the individual who was shot and died while this incident was taking place, according to the police report that was given to the police by the police officers who were investigating this event. The authorities who are responsible for conducting the investigation into this occurrence have determined that the individual who passed away as a result of the shooting that took place throughout the course of this event was Calvin Craig. During the course of this occurrence, the deadly shot that was fired was the instant cause of his dying away.

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