Callum Schiller And Crystal Missing

Callum Schiller And Crystal Missing Adelaide Hills Suburb Of Mount Barker

Callum Schiller And Crystal Missing – Crystal and Callum Schiller Have Gone Missing Police are hunting for two teenagers who were reported missing after being dropped off at school in the suburb of Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. The family of one of the missing teens has shared images of the unsettling final texts they received from their son.
On Monday, Callum’s family made an impassioned appeal for help in the form of a post on social media, pleading with anyone who might have seen the kid to get in touch with them.

According to a post that was made on Facebook by his sister Ebony Schiller, “We have no idea whether he has caught a linking bus or is in Mt Barker.” “Callum is uncontactable. After being dropped off at school, Ms. Schiller and her father told NCA News Wire that their brother went missing together with his girlfriend Crystal, who was also 14 years old. She stated that although they were dropped off at the school this morning at approximately 8.30 a.m., they did not enter the building.

She stated that they went to the Murray Bridge Information Centre to purchase bus tickets to Mount Barker, but they were not seen on any other CCTV footage. “The last messages include: he can’t see, he’s in a boot, and he can’t say anything or he will get hit,” the reporter said. Officers from the Murray Bridge Police Station were involved, according to the SA Police. Callum Schiller, 14, and his girlfriend Crystal, 14, were both aboard a bus headed to the suburb of Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills at 10:15 a.m. on Monday when they were last seen together. On Monday afternoon, SA Police confirmed that a missing-persons complaint had been lodged for both of them.

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