Bryce Button Obituary,

Bryce Button Obituary, AJA’s Director of marketing Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Bryce Button Obituary, Death – On Friday, May 19, Bryce Button, AJA’s director of marketing, passed away unexpectedly due to an illness. The following statement was made public by the company: “It is with heaviness in our hearts that we relay the news of the demise of our much loved colleague and friend Bryce Button. To love Bryce was to know him, and he left a significant mark on the lives of everyone he knew, including friends, family, and coworkers all across the world.

“Bryce was one of a kind; he was an incredible people person in addition to having a flair for engineering, which is an uncommon combination. Everyone adored him and many people looked to him as a reliable source of information due to his extensive professional expertise, constant smile, bear hugs, and upbeat demeanor. He was a wonderful listener and storyteller; he made everyone in his orbit feel like a special friend whether you met him in a press briefing, over a shared dinner, or at a small pub drinking a Rusty Nail.

He worked for AJA for 14 years, during which time he spent many months traveling, and he was committed to both his job and the individuals he collaborated with. Anyone who knew him also learned about his cherished family in South Africa, where he was born, in Colorado, where he later settled, and in Brazil. He had a profound love and affection for everyone of them, and our thoughts and prayers are with his entire family at this difficult time.

“During his time at AJA, Bryce managed his staff as well as the vendor partners with grace and accuracy. He was also a point of contact that worldwide sales, marketing, and channel partners relied on. In addition to this, industry organizations turned to him as a subject matter expert and asked him to identify and comment on the most important industry trends, the most recent broadcast standards, and the various technical issues involved in production. Over the course of the past twenty years and more, he was really considered to be one of the most recognized professionals who ever set foot in the IBC or NAB. He was well known by all, and everyone was familiar with him.

Bryce was born on February 4, 1966, as stated in his obituary, which can be seen here. His mother, Ann Greer, passed away before he was born. His nieces and nephews include Mattias, Gabriel, Andre, and Milva, as well as Hamish and Caroline. He is survived by his father, Errol Greer; his uncle Bryce Courtney; his sons, Morgan and Colton; his girlfriend Kristine; his girlfriend’s children, Audrey and Liam; his siblings-in-law, Wayne and Renata; and his children-in-law’s children, Audrey and Liam.

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