Brooklyn Lozada

Brooklyn Lozada Tampa FL, Help Locate Missing Universal Orlando Resort

Brooklyn Lozada Missing – A ADOLescent FROM AMPA WHO WAS FOUND MISSING AFTER HAVING SPENT THE DAY WORKING IN THE FIELD AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. On Saturday, May 20, 2023, Brooklyn Lozada, who was then 14 years old and a student at Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School in Tampa, Florida, was brought on a field trip to Universal Studios with her eighth grade class; however, she was left behind in the theme park.

Thank you. If you have seen her or if you have any information regarding anything you may have heard about her, please contact the emergency services. If we are successful in retrieving her without causing any injuries to her, it will be because we collaborated with one another to provide information regarding the scenario. In the event that we are successful in retrieving her, this is the outcome that can be expected.

The excursion was planned to take place on a Saturday. The incident took place on the same day it was reported. The excursion was planned to take place on the same day as the other events that were planned for that day. My height is 5 feet and 4 inches, and I weigh 115 pounds. I am 170 centimeters tall (5 feet and 4 inches). My current sweater, which I created myself, was inspired by the successful television series Friends, which served as the impetus for me to get the project off the ground.

It is currently layered over those goods and comprises of a pair of blue ripped jeans and a black t-shirt. My current wardrobe also includes a black hoodie that is worn over those items.
Please call 911 and her mother Stephanie’s phone (813-532-7678) if you see her or have any information on anything you may have heard about her. Also, if you know anything about anything that may have been said about her.


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