Brian Mcgraw Obituary Cleveland Ohio, Brian Mcgraw Has Died - Death Cause

Brian Mcgraw Obituary Cleveland Ohio, Brian Mcgraw Has Died – Death Cause

Brian Mcgraw Obituary, Death – Grundy, Virginia is where Brian Jeffery McGraw, who passed away on February 6, 2023 in a medical facility located in the state of Kentucky, made his entrance into this world. He had reached the age of 43 when he passed away, which means that he had lived a full life. Maridonna McGraw, the man’s mother, had already passed away by the time her son was due to be born in Beckley on May 8, 1979. On that day, her son was born into the world. As a mark of respect, he takes on her name.

In spite of the fact that his mother had already passed away before he did, his wife, Barbara Tuggle McGraw, also passed away before he did. His son, Avery Metz, two of his aunts, Caroline McGraw and Jan Shumate and her husband, Michael, three of his uncles, Kenneth McGraw and his wife, Yvonne; Richard McGraw and his wife, Judy; and Andrew McGraw; a large number of his cousins; and his close friend, Babe Lunford, have been entrusted with the responsibility of continuing his work.

Only one member of his direct family is still alive, and that is the man’s son. Everyone in this room will experience grief in their own special way in response to his loss. Everyone in this room is going to depart with a tremendous appreciation for the legacy that he leaves behind. Following his passing, in accordance with his wishes, he will be cremated, and at a later date, a memorial service will be performed to celebrate his life and pay homage to his passing. His wishes were that he be cremated and buried without a funeral.



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