Brian Caperonis Obituary, Brian Caperonis Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Brian Caperonis Obituary, Death – According to the Clark County coroner’s office, the name of the deceased inmate who passed away on May 19 at a prison in the Las Vegas region has been determined to be Brian Anthony Caperonis. According to a representative for the coroner’s office, the 38-year-old victim’s death was caused by ligature strangulation as well as several injuries caused by sharp force. It was found that he had been murdered prior to his passing away.

It was known that Caperonis was a member of the Aryan Warrior gang, and he was now serving a term in Washoe County that ranged from ten to twenty-five years for narcotics trafficking. According to the department’s data, he started serving his sentence in 2017, and he would have been released in 2030. According to the documents, he was convicted of stealing, forging, and trafficking drugs in the past and served time in prison as a result.

The investigators from 8 News Now were told by their sources that Caperonis was discovered on the floor at High Desert State Prison with an object in his eye and a cord wrapped around his neck. According to the Nevada Department of Corrections, the suspect had not been charged as of Tuesday and was held in solitary confinement after being taken into custody.

The High Desert State Prison may be found at Indian Springs, which is located around one hour and 15 minutes north of Las Vegas via car. The prison was operating with an insufficient number of correctional officers over the weekend, which resulted in the suspension of all visitation privileges. The Department of Corrections currently has approximately 700 open positions for correctional officers, which has caused staffing levels to deteriorate to an unacceptable degree. The inquiry into the homicide was ongoing.


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