Brennan Reeves Obituary Hilton Head Island SC, Brennan Reeves Has Died - Death Cause

Brennan Reeves Obituary Hilton Head Island SC, Brennan Reeves Has Died – Death Cause

Brennan Reeves Obituary, Death – Passed away on March 12, 2020 at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was born on Monday, November 20, 1950 in Beaumont, Texas, and she passed away on that date. She was an organist at the Monterey Baptist Church, where she was a member and also played the organ. She was a member of several organizations, including the American Legion Auxiliary of Jonesville, Louisiana; the Ferriday Garden Club; the Daughters of the American Revolution; and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Additionally, she acted in the role of tour guide for the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage.

Reading interventionist at Monterey High School, Jeanine had been teaching for a significant amount of time and was currently employed in the field. In addition to that, she was instructing other students in the local region in piano. Jeanine was a wonderful person in every way: she was thoughtful, considerate, talented, creative, organized, and a devout Christian who loves God and desires the best that He has for her life. A lady who is well clothed, has a gentle voice, is lovely, is likable, is a blessing to others, is good, has the ability to teach, lead, and serve, is anointed to work with children, is anointed to work with women, is anointed to teach, and is anointed to serve.

Jeanine has a serene and compassionate nature. She was successful in all endeavors. She made sure that she was ready for every project. Whenever she attempted something new, she immediately became an expert in that field. She made a good impression on everyone she spoke to and received positive feedback in return. She quickly won over the hearts of all. Jeanine was able to do it. She was deserving of commendation. She had a soft and gentle personality, was widely liked by others, and had a great piano playing. Jeanine was intelligent, educated, cultured, classy, attractive and pleasing.

Jeanine was a really special person. I believe that God gave her to me as a present. It is truly beyond my comprehension why God would choose to bless me with a woman like Jeanine. I am aware that these are wonderful attributes that God has bestowed upon her. I have no doubt that she is capable of achieving any goal that she sets her mind to. Jeanine was a unique anointed person who was dear to me as well as the Kingdom of God. She was precious to both. I saw her this way.

There are many other qualities and special abilities I saw in Jeanine. It is really hard to name them all. I have seen a lot of her ability in working with other people. I have seen her enjoyment in doing these things.

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