Brandon Latronica Obituary, 23-year-old Man killed in Multi-car Crash on Union Ave - Death Cause

Brandon Latronica Obituary, 23-year-old Man killed in Multi-car Crash on Union Ave – Death Cause

Brandon Latronica Obituary, Death – The identify of a man who was killed in a collision on Union Avenue early on Thursday morning that included many automobiles and took place early in the morning has been made public by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. The collision took place early in the morning. The collision involved a significant number of cars and trucks. The event was held on Union Avenue, which was the location of the location.

Brandon Jeremy Latronica Jr., who is currently 23 years old, has been identified as the individual who was responsible for the shooting incident. Bakersfield is where he has established his permanent residence. Officers from the Bakersfield Police Department responded to a complaint of a collision that involved three automobiles that had taken place in the vicinity of the intersection of Union Avenue and East 18th Street on the 18th of May, 2023, at around 10:04 a.m.

According to the findings of the investigation that was carried out by the coroner, Latronica was the driver of one of the autos that was engaged in the incident. The other vehicle that was involved was a truck. According to the report, he was taken to Kern Medical, but he was unable to recover from his injuries and passed away suddenly five hours after he had arrived at the hospital. His passing was unexpected.

As a result of the collision, the passengers who were inside the other vehicles have allegedly complained of experiencing pain and suffering from small injuries, according to the reports that were made by the police. These passengers reportedly suffered from minor injuries. Because the incident is still being investigated, it is currently difficult to identify whether or not alcohol or drugs played a factor in the incident. This is because the investigation is still ongoing. Due to the fact that the investigation has not yet been finished in its full, this is the result.

The Bakersfield Police Department has asked that anyone who may have information regarding the event get in touch with them at the following number: (661) 327-7111. The request was made by the Bakersfield Police Department. As part of an ongoing inquiry into the incident, the request was issued as part of the probe.

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