Brandon Hernandez Obituary, Brandon Hernandez Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Brandon Hernandez Obituary, Death – Heaven gained an angel. On May 19th, Brandon Rodriguez Hernandez left this world. It is with deep regret that we share the news with you. Our sincere condolences go out to his family. We are continuing to collect donations for the family in our store in order to assist with costs incurred both at home and for the funeral.
Those who are familiar with Silvia Hernández Tadeo, Elias Rodrguez López, and the couple’s three children are aware of the exceptional nature of their family unit.

Their thoughtfulness, generous nature, honesty, and superb work ethic have been of great assistance to a good number of us. It’s unfortunate that Silvia and Elias are going through such a challenging period right now, but they certainly are. Brandon, their eldest child, was involved in an accident and sustained a brain injury as a result. He is currently being treated at the medical facility in Albany, where he will remain for an extended period of time. Brandon will move in with his parents in Millbrook when he is discharged from the hospital.

This is so that Silvia may continue to take care of him even after he has returned home from the hospital. Consider making a donation through this page if you would like to lend your support to Silvia and Elas as they go through this challenging period. The donations will help them right now with the burden of not being able to attend to their employment while they are by Brandon’s side and with lodging in Albany. Additionally, the funds will assist them in paying for Brandon’s medical expenses. If funds are raised, they could assist with Brandon’s care when he returns home as well as any medical bills that are still pending.

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