Brandon Billingslea Obituary

Brandon Billingslea Obituary Lansing MI, Brandon Billingslea Has Died – Death Cause

Brandon Billingslea Obituary, Death – Oh, Brandon, you are going to be missed by a lot of people. I sincerely meant “I love you” and “Be safe” each and every time I spoke those things to you. You will be missed by me. You will be missed by us. Everybody will miss you. It’s been so hard for me to come to terms with the fact that my older brother has passed away. I count it as a blessing that you may name me your sister and that I got to spend my childhood with you guys.

That smile of yours, along with your presence, brightened every place you’ve ever entered. I made it a point to let you know how proud I was of you, and I sincerely hope that you took those words to heart. I will always make sure that Kyle, Bryce, and all of our parents are okay. Please keep a watchful eye over each of us, and I sincerely hope to see you again! Oh man, I’m really sorry about that.

We had literally just finished talking about starting up family vacations again and how we should all go to Florida together now that everyone is above the age of 21 and laugh about all of our old memories from when we were kids. No matter how long it had been since we had last spoken or seen each other, there was always nothing but love and positive energy between us. Even when we were younger, we never got into a fight; it was always just me and Bryce. Brandon was the one who constantly kept us in check by urging us to “chill out.”

It has been difficult to get in touch with everyone to let them know that Brandon was called home on Saturday, but we have made an effort to get in touch with as many people as we possibly can. At the moment, Mrs. B and Mr. B are requesting any and all photographs and films that feature Brandon.

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