Bob White Obituary, Bob White Has Sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Bob White Obituary, Bob White Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Bob White Obituary, Death – Hearing the news that my dear buddy Bob White, who had been battling illness for a very long time, had died away earlier today has left me feeling extremely devastated. He had been suffering illness for a very long time. I have told him on several occasions how much of a blessing it was for me throughout my life to have a friendship and connection with him, and I am aware that a significant number of other people have had the exact same experience. I have quite a few memories of the hours I spent with him, and I’ve let him know on several occasions that I value the time we spent together very highly.

There are a lot of recollections that I have. Heaven is more lovely now as a result of our loss, which is a loss that we feel to have had a significant impact on our lives. He is not in any more pain as a result of his physical body, and in addition to this, he is reunited with his loved ones and friends who have already passed away. He is free from the agony that was caused by his physical body. He is no longer in any discomfort. During this difficult time, we want his cherished wife Barbara, his daughters, and all of his extended family to know that we are thinking of them and praying for them.

We are sending our love and support their way. Respect and appreciation to you, Mr. Bob White…if you see Ed Parker, Steve LaBounty, Tom Kelly, or Frank Trejo, please say hello on my behalf and thank them for everything they’ve done…On the other hand, I am crossing my fingers and hoping without hope that I will run into each and every one of you there.

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