Blake Olsen Motorcycle Accident Pipestone MN - Death Cause

Blake Olsen Motorcycle Accident Pipestone MN – Death Cause

Blake Olsen Obituary, Death – Recently, there were three fatal motorcycle accidents in the Fargo area, bringing the total number of such incidents across the state to at least nine. This number is greater than the total number of fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred throughout the rest of 2021, which was eight. Recent fatal motorcycle accidents that took place in the Fargo area include an incident that took place on Tuesday, June 29, on Interstate 94 outside of West Fargo, an additional incident that took place on Tuesday, June 26, on South University Drive in Fargo, and an incident that took place on Monday, June 24, on Interstate 29.

The number of motorcyclists killed in accidents in North Dakota has varied significantly over the previous ten years, with the lowest number occurring in 2015 and 2021 with a total of 8 and the highest number being in 2020 with a total of 17 deaths. The lowest number of fatalities was recorded in 2015 and 2021. There were a total of 176 motorcycle accidents in the state of North Dakota in 2019, 11 of which resulted in fatalities. According to the figures provided by the state, there was a traffic accident in the state involving a motorcycle once every other day. During that year, drivers on motorcycles who were not wearing helmets were involved in 64 percent of fatal incidents. This statistic is based on the total number of fatal accidents.

According to Lonnie Bertsch, executive director of ABATE of North Dakota, a nonprofit organization that provides motorcycle rider safety instruction across the state, the number of fatalities involving motorcycles in North Dakota in the years 2015 and 2021 was the lowest it had been in “a long, long time.” Despite this, the year 2020 did not set a record for the highest number of fatalities caused by motorbikes in the state, as there were 17 of these accidents. “We try to teach anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 people how to ride motorcycles in a safe manner during the summer,” said Bertsch. “During the course of the summer.”

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