Billy Graham Obituary

Billy Graham Obituary, WWE HOF Superstar Has Died – Death Cause

Billy Graham Obituary, Death – The death of Billy Graham has occurred. Graham has been transparent about the many health problems he is experiencing, and over the past decade or so, things have only gotten worse for him. His wife Valerie mentioned on Facebook that in recent months he had lost a significant amount of weight, which ultimately led to the decision to remove him from life support and let him pass away.

Graham had a brief career in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) between the years 1982 and 1983, during which he used a mustache, shaved head, and a karate act that was unsuccessful. Graham returned to the WWF in 1986 for his final run as a wrestler, but by that time, his deteriorating health had already taken a toll on him. As a result, he finally worked full-time as a commentator before being phased out in late 1988.

Graham’s final run as a wrestler in the WWF occurred in 1986. After Graham left the industry, he became very public about the hazards of steroid use and he called on Vince McMahon to clean up the wrestling business. Graham also called on McMahon to clean up the WWE. During the early 1990s, Graham made several appearances on talk shows, during which he discussed the pervasive nature of drug usage in the WWF.

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