Barry Shaw Obituary,

Barry Shaw Obituary, Barry Shaw Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Barry Shaw Obituary, Death – It is with the deepest regret that we must be the ones to break the news to you all that Barry Shaw has passed away. We are sincerely sorry to be the ones to do so. Barry has committed his entire life to playing the bagpipes, and as a consequence, he has had a big influence on the lives of a great number of people due to the welcome, kind, true, and charitable attitude that he possesses.

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury honored Barry by naming him a life member after he served as president of the society in the past. Barry felt privileged to hold this role in the society. We are keeping his sons, Geoff and Chris, in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this challenging time. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away.

He has played the bagpipes since he was a little child. He never lost his perpetually positive attitude and was never at a loss for words throughout his entire life. During his time as a student at St. Andrew’s College, Barry was an instructor and a guide to a substantial number of pipers who were also studying the instrument. He had been a part of a huge number of organizations in Canterbury that had connections to Scotland for the entirety of his life.

Before they passed away, Alex Thomson and Gordon Ogilvie worked on Barry’s profile for the HPSC’s 50-year History Book. The following is an excerpt from that profile. Alex Thomson and Gordon Ogilvie both passed away before the book was completed.

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