Anthony McBride Obituary, Anthony McBride Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Anthony McBride Obituary, Death – Anthony McBride, 17, was the victim of a shooting that took place over the weekend in Pines Village, and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office was able to clearly identify him as the young man who was killed in the incident. The killing took place over the weekend. Medical personnel who were present at the scene confirmed that McBride had passed away. McBride was one of the four people who were hurt as a result of a gunshot event that took place on Saturday evening about 9 o’clock in the 6000 block of Beechcraft Street.

The New Orleans Police Department reports that the gunshot also resulted in the injury of two additional people: a child of 14 years old who has not been recognized and a man in his 20s. Both of these victims have not been named. Both of these individuals were hit by gunfire while they were being shot. As of 10:30 on Tuesday morning, the police have not issued any news regarding any further fatalities or arrests in connection with the event.

The incident occurred on a Saturday. A bullet entered the head of Ronnisha “Neisha” Anderson, a mother of six months and 24 years old, when she was seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle holding her infant boy. The incident occurred while she was in the vehicle. The occurrence took place during the time when she was driving in the automobile. Her mother’s maiden name was Ronnisha, but her family always nicknamed her “Neisha.”


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