Anita Crosina Obituary, Anita Crosina Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Anita Crosina Obituary, Death – God rest your soul Anita Crosina. The communities of Cariboo and Chilcotin are in mourning today for the loss of an incredible woman!
Celebrations of her life and the numerous things she had accomplished were held in the Gibraltar room, which was completely full. During my time as a volunteer, I frequently had the opportunity to collaborate with Anita. She was truly a remarkable example of the human race.

Please accept my condolences and affection on behalf of Don and the rest of the family. They achieved more success with the song “How Long (Betcha Got a Chick on the Side),” which was a Top 20 hit and was featured on the album Steppin’ (1975). Additionally, their performance in the film Car Wash in 1976 helped drive their track “You Gotta Believe” into the Top 20 of the R&B chart. However, they did not begin their ascent into the pop stratosphere until after they had acquired a contract with the record label Planet Records owned by producer Richard Perry.

They had a significant hit with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire,” which was included on the album Energy (1978), which debuted in the top 20 in the US. Anita related to Goldmine magazine how she had suggested to Perry that perhaps he wanted Ruthie to sing lead because she has a powerful voice, but Perry had told her, “No, I want you to sing it.” Anita was surprised by Perry’s response. So I did, and it ended up becoming our first gold single, and I couldn’t have been happier about it. They released Break Out in 1983, which became a multi-platinum seller and spawned four huge electro-pop singles: “Jump (For My Love),”

“Automatic,” “Neutron Dance,” and “I’m So Excited” (a remix of their 1982 hit). This was the only single from the album to include Anita’s lead vocals, and it made it all the way up to position number nine. Automatic not only reached number five in the US but also achieved the highest chart position the Sisters had ever achieved in the UK, where it reached number two. When their song was featured in the film Beverly Hills Cop in 1984, it gave them a significant boost in terms of commercial success. Anita mused, “We just got so famous all of a sudden from that song being in the movie,” as she reflected on the band’s meteoric rise to fame. Grammys were bestowed upon the band for the songs “Jump (For My Love)” and “Automatic.”


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