Andy Smart Obituary, Comedian Dies Unexpectedly At Age 63

Andy Smart Obituary, Comedian Dies Unexpectedly At Age 63

Andy Smart Obituary, Death  – Andy Smart, from 1959 till 2023. A very excellent friend who also enjoys improvising with you. When we were onstage together once, we were performing a scenario that I have often referred to as the ideal improv scene. Andy immediately launched into a nasty four-letter word attack when I made the notion that we should be “On a desert island.” He wanted to know why he had rescued me instead of any of the other people that he could have saved.

I pretended to be an owl. Even though I was an owl and could only respond with “who,” Andy continued his hilariously loud protestation. Andy was in charge of maintaining the verbal assault right up to the very end, when we got the kind of welcome that we all fantasize of. This was a challenging role to play. This is the improv sketch that I usually mention when people ask me to choose the finest one I’ve ever seen. Andy literally saved people’s lives. Onstage and offstage alike.

I won’t be able to forget about him. On a daily basis. I really appreciate the laughs, mate. Andy Smart is going to be a really big loss for me. Today I said goodbye to a good friend, and the news of his loss is hard for me to accept. Over the course of the last ten years or so, I made it a point to visit Andy whenever and wherever the party was at, be it Altitude, Glastonbury, The Fringe, Galway, or any other place. He would always be there to join in on the action throughout the best times of my life.

I’m not sure why, but I suppose I took it for granted that he would always be there. He never stopped drinking and never stopped laughing; he was the source of the majority of my belly laughs, and just being in his company made me feel like I could crack a better joke. He encouraged people of my generation to move forward with such a sense of pride. When I’d meet him at festivals, I’d have a running joke with him that went something like this: “phew, you’re still alive, we’re good for a few more years.

He’d call himself the canary in the coal mine because of the lifestyle that we were all leading. When I think about it, I can’t help but chuckle, even while tears stream down my face. You are not supposed to say that, so Andy, you can just end your life now. A life well lived by that man; if we all lived to be 200, we wouldn’t be able to come close to having as much fun as he did during his time on earth. Throughout it all, he was performing at an extremely high level.

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