Andre Hilliar Obituary, Andre Hilliar Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Andre Hilliar Obituary, Death – Wonderful recollections of times spent with you, Andre Hilliar. We’re heartbroken you were taken to soon.. We’ll never forget all the years we spent working together as a team and occasionally bringing home medals, and we won’t forget how much fun we had doing it. Thank you for helping Beau become the crazy single-speeder he is today. For the past 12 years, whenever someone has asked him if he plans to ride or buy a geared bike, he has responded with the question.

But what would Andre say? No, I can’t do that or I’ll disappoint Andre. You also gave Beau his mountain bike nick name, Bo Blow, because you thought it was hilarious every time Beau would run out of steam while racing and you gave him the name. I can’t help but giggle whenever I look at the picture of you wearing the pink helmet. You had misplaced your own helmet, so in a hurry, you grabbed one of mine to continue the race. I was so irritated that I had to wear a helmet that was absolutely wet in your sweat for my lap.

bBut by the time my lap was over, I had forgiven you… Because of the enormous difference you’ve made in our lives, Andre—you’ll never be forgotten, our friend!! We are so sorry, Ang, Sam, and Sophie Hilliar, as well as the rest of the Hilliar family; please know that you and your family are in our prayers. Whangamata Mountain Bike Club, such a terrible tragedy; things will never be the same again. The ‘King of the Mountain’ will live on in folklore for all time.

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