Alison Botha Obituary, Resident of Newfoundland and Labrador Nearly Survived The Death

Alison Botha Death Hoax – During the late night hours in South Africa, Alison Botha was kidnapped just outside of her home. Alison miraculously survived her attack, despite being raped, disembowelled, and nearly beheaded. She was able to lead the police to two Satanic males who were looking for “beautiful woman to rape and kill with a nice car.” Alison was able to do this because she was able to lead the police to the two men.

The criminals have been diagnosed with sexual assault, kidnapping, and attempted murder, and they have been given life sentences in prison for their crimes. After that, Botha established himself as a career as a motivational speaker. She also received the 1995 Rotarian Paul Harris Award for ‘Courage Beyond the Norm,’ the title of ‘Woman of Courage’ from Femina magazine, and the title of ‘Citizen of the Year’ from the city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. In 2016, the documentary film Alison, which was mostly based on her first book, became available to the public.

On September 22, 1967, Alison Botha was born in the city of Port Elizabeth, which is located in South Africa. After her parents divorced when she was ten years old, she changed into reared by means of her mother and her older brother Neale, who was 18 months old at the time. She had her high school education at the Collegiate High School for Girls in Port Elizabeth, from which she graduated in 1985 at the top of her class. After that, she went on an extended trip during which she also worked as a coverage broker.

Aggravated sexual assault, attempted murder, and kidnapping Botha was returning home after having dropped off a coworker around one in the morning. On a day in December of the year 1994. She went to a different vehicle parking area that was within walking distance of her house because she was unable to find a spot in her usual lot where she usually parks her vehicle. As she attempted to exit her vehicle, an unidentified man brandished a knife and threatened her. He counselled her to accompany him and to hand over the keys to the vehicle.

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