Algy Ward Obituary

Algy Ward Obituary, Heavy Metal Bass Guitarist And Tank Band Singer Has Died – Death Cause

Algy Ward Obituary, Death  – The life of Algy Ward has ended. Alasdair Mackie Ward originally came to prominence after replacing the band the Saints’ previous bassist, Kym Bradshaw, after he joined the Australian punk rock band the Saints. It wasn’t until 1977 that “This Perfect Day,” the band’s third hit, included Ward’s debut appearance with the band. Tank was formally established in 1980 after he recruited musicians Peter Brabbs and Mark Brabbs to play with him in the band.

They released their debut album, titled Filth Hounds of Hades, in 1982. The album was recorded during the holiday season and was produced or rather unleashed by the great guitarist for Motorhead, Fast Eddie Clarke. Filth Hounds of Hades is considered a landmark classic album in the NWOBHM movement. Just a few months before the release of their third record, titled This Means War.

In 1978, as the band was beginning to explore with a jazzier R&B sound, he also played on their second album, titled Eternally Yours, as well as their third album, titled Prehistoric Sounds. Both albums were published the same year. During his stint with the Damned, and while being tremendously, immensely affected and inspired by Lemmy and his band Motorhead, Ward began to display interest in the growing new wave of British heavy metal movement, which was launched off by bands like Witchfynde and Saxon. During this time, Lemmy and Motorhead were Ward’s primary musical influences and inspirations. Tank was going to be Ward’s brand new band, and they were going to be heavily influenced and inspired by Motorhead.

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