Alexis Rivell Obituary NJ, Drug Overdose Killed Alexis Rivell - Death Cause

Alexis Rivell Obituary NJ, Drug Overdose Killed Alexis Rivell – Death Cause

Alexis Rivell Obituary, Death – On May 21, 2023, Alexis Rivell, a devoted wife, mother, daughter, friend, and animal lover, passed away suddenly. Her death came as a shock to everyone. Everyone who knew and loved her was taken aback by the news of her unexpected passing. She was born in New Philadelphia to her mother, Robin A. Gollehon, and her late father, Jeffrey Ray Watson. Her father passed away while she was young. On May 7th, she entered the world in Dover.

After receiving her diploma from New Philadelphia High School in 2010, Alexis decided to continue her formal education by enrolling in classes at Kent State University’s Tuscarawas Campus. There, she studied Veterinary Technology and earned an associate’s degree in the subject. Before beginning her current position as the pound keeper for Tuscarawas County, she had experience working at a variety of veterinary clinics located around the region. Alexis couldn’t contain her elation at being able to help out the neighborhood as well as the animals in this way.

Richard “Rick” F. Rivell, the man she has loved her whole life, became her husband on October 7, 2017, and they had two children together. Addy, whom Alexis referred to fondly as “Baby Ging,” was her daughter, and Mason, whom Alexis referred to as “the most handsome boy in the world,” was 9 years old. Alexis was an attentive and loving mother. She had a healthy appetite for competition and enjoyed her time spent playing board games.

In addition to that, she enjoyed doing things like working in her yard, putting together puzzles, going shopping, playing tennis and golf, and reading. She was also a diehard Swiftie who never passed up a chance to show her admiration for her favorite musician, Taylor Swift, and did so at every opportunity. In addition to her husband and two children, Alexis will be deeply missed and forever cherished by her grandma, Nancy Copeland; her siblings, Steven Byers, Lacie McCue, Tre Hendricks, Brittany Meek, Justin Jenkins, Alicia Civiello, and Keith Riley; her sisters and brothers-in-law, Vanessa (fiancé, DJ) Rivell, Steve McAbier, and Russ (Holly) Miller; and her parents-in-law, Rick (Patsy) Rivell and Traci (Willie) Miller.

Her family is finished off by her four younger siblings, Honey, Eileen, Jasper, and Callie, as well as by her closest friend, Marynette Holmes. Her companion animals are likewise considered to be members of her family. Her grandfather, Burt Copeland, passed away before she did, following in the footsteps of not just her father but also the father of her father’s father.

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