Alexis Heller Missing Loxahatchee Florida, Police Searching for Missing Alexis Heller

Alexis Heller Missing Loxahatchee Florida, Police Searching for Missing Alexis Heller

Alexis Heller Missing – The complaint that a white female adolescent named Alexis Heller, who is 14 years old, has been reported missing was received by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Alexis Heller’s age was not provided. Alexis Heller’s whereabouts are being investigated at this time, thus a search effort is currently under way. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Her body measurements are 110 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches. The number of her height in inches is quite impressive.

She was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, and high-top Nike sneakers when she was found. After then, nobody is sure where she ended up going. Alexis is a beautiful young lady who has blue eyes and blond hair. She also has an impressive height. She has not been seen or heard from since the evening of May 18, 2023, around 9:30 p.m., when she was seen for the last time in the 13000 block of 53rd Court north in the West Palm Beach/Loxahatchee district. Since that time, she has neither been seen nor has she been heard from.

It is likely that she is with a male companion who cannot be determined at this time. However, this individual is now unknown. If you have any information on her location or if you have seen her in the recent past, please call the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at (561) 688-3400 or dial 9-1-1. You are asked to provide this information as soon as possible.

There is a member of the GC who attends the same school as her and is familiar with the location that she is staying at the moment. When I questioned him about the whereabouts of it, he stated that it was at penny’s residence. I did not understand. Penny is the name of a young lady who was born and raised in the municipality of Loxahatchee. Alexis is someone I am aware of, whereas my familiarity with Penny is more limited. However, I am aware of Penny’s friend Alexis.

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