Aja Dampier Obituary, Aja Dampier Has Died - Death Cause

Aja Dampier Obituary, Aja Dampier Has Died – Death Cause

Aja Dampier Obituary, Death Cause – Medical personnel who were present at the scene confirmed that Dampier had passed away. After being transferred to the hospital, De Lapaz received treatment; nonetheless, he did not make it through his time there. The three adult passengers who were riding in the Toyota SUV were all brought to the hospital after sustaining major injuries; however, according to a news release that was released on Sunday, it was not believed that any of their injuries would prove to be fatal. All three of the passengers were taken to the hospital after suffering significant injuries. The inquiry into what led up to the collision is still ongoing at this point.

Cedar Rapids was the location of both of their most recent known addresses. The crash took place in the 2100 block of Williams Boulevard SW only a few minutes prior to 3 o’clock in the morning. According to a press release, Dampier was driving a Dodge Caliber eastbound on Williams Boulevard when the vehicle lost control and collided with a Toyota RAV4 headed westbound on Williams Boulevard. Dampier was the driver of the Dodge Caliber at the time of the accident. At the time of the accident, De Lapaz was a passenger in the vehicle that was involved.

Two people were killed in an accident that occurred early on Sunday morning on Williams Boulevard in the southwest area of Cedar Rapids. The tragedy took place early in the morning on Sunday. According to a press statement that was released by the Cedar Rapids Police Department, Aja Dampier, 23, and John De Lapaz, 29, whose last known location was also in Cedar Rapids, were both killed when the car they were traveling in lost control and crashed with another vehicle. Both of their last known locations were in Cedar Rapids.

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