Adonis Lee Obituary, Adonis Lee Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Adonis Lee Obituary, Death – Adonis Lee According to James Whipps, the coroner for Natrona County, the unexpected death of Little Dog, age 29, of Casper was discovered to be a direct result of being involved in an early morning car accident. Little Dog was found to have gone away as a direct result of being involved in the accident. Whipps was able to positively identify the victim as Little Dog. It was discovered that Little Dog had passed away at the location where the incident occurred.

The accident resulted in the deaths of two people. The collision, which involved a great number of automobiles, ultimately led to the death of at least one individual. At the very least one of the people who were traveling in the vehicle passed away as a direct result of the collision. Tragically, the accident resulted in the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the collision passing away as a result of the collision.

Notification has been delivered to the individual who is considered to be the next of kin at this time. The Casper Police Department, the office of the Natrona County Coroner, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol are all continuing their inquiries into the terrible car accident that took place in the wee hours of the morning on May 23 near the intersection of Second Street and Wolcott Street in the central business district of Casper.

You might be able to find out more information about the identity of the man who was killed in a car accident early in the morning if you read about how his identity was revealed in this article. The man was killed when his vehicle was engaged in an accident that occurred very early in the morning.

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